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The Hidden River

Photo prise à Marseille, 8 mai 2018 « The Hidden River » by Storm Jameson First published 1955 I feel I have to put in a word or two concerning that book and give the reason why it appealed to me though how it came into my hands was actually a matter of chance. Four days ago, I drove over to my Mum’s place. It doesn’t sound like much but I was in fact feeling queasy about making the small trip. It had been a month since I had last seen her and although she was coping very well, the current lockdown

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Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral and Emperor Nero’s ghost …

Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral caught fire a month ago now…. And had it not been for the courage and the determination of the firemen, it would have burnt down entirely. It was a near thing. Laurent Nunez, Delegate Secretary of State of the Interior actually stated : « It had been a matter of less than 15-30 minutes. » So it is a miracle that Notre-Dame is still standing today. That President Macron ordered the arson or that it was triggered by Daech and its supporters, I cannot pretend to say. Though in my hatred of both, I would gladly find them equally

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France, the rogue-led country

FRANCE, THE ROGUE-LED COUNTRY France today is a rogue-led country, on the verge of dictatorship. Democracy is no longer a word fit to describe it. A former politician, now retired from public life, Arnaud Montebourg once said France had become a «démocrature ». 1 How right he was ! The Italien writer Malaparte once wrote that a dictatorship was a totalitarian regime in which anything that was not forbidden was compulsary. We are not quite there yet. But we have lost the kind of regime known as democracy in which the supreme power is exercised by the people through a system of

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