Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral and Emperor Nero’s ghost …

Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral caught fire a month ago now…. And had it not been for the courage and the determination of the firemen, it would have burnt down entirely. It was a near thing. Laurent Nunez, Delegate Secretary of State of the Interior actually stated : « It had been a matter of less than 15-30 minutes. » So it is a miracle that Notre-Dame is still standing today.

That President Macron ordered the arson or that it was triggered by Daech and its supporters, I cannot pretend to say. Though in my hatred of both, I would gladly find them equally guilty, given the chance. But it would require a thorough and independent investigation – one of which we will never have – to actually prove that the fire at Notre-Dame was no mere accident before we could name the culprits. But had you witnessed, as I have, hundreds of Macron’s opponents, the Yellow Vests being maimed on purpose, there is is nothing you would not believe Macron capable of.

Therefore all that remains to be done is to point out a few surprising coincidences, a few disturbing facts concerning what had been termed officially « accidental fire » from the very start and without any evidence whatsoever.

The timing first. The fire happened on Monday, April 15th, during the Easter Holy Week. Just a month before, on March the 17th, a fire which had started in Saint-Sulpice Church, listed as an historic building, was found to be arson. Ten days before that, Saint-Denis Basilica, the necropolis of the Kings of France, was broken into, its stained-glass windows wrecked and its choir organ defiled. Within the first 3 months of 2019, 104 Christian churches in France were defiled, without anyone caring. The figures were swept under the carpet and the motto was Don’t you dare make a fuss. And no one did.

Notre-Dame was still on fire that an unmoved Macron said in front of TV reporters that « the cathedral would be rebuilt even more beautiful. » More beautiful ! 850 years erased within two hours and here came the presidential buffoon claiming it could be « even more beautiful » than it was. What did he think he was, some kind of miracle worker ?

Macron was even seen to briefly suppress a smile at some joke his Prime Minister told him on his way to the scene of the catastrophe. Hilarious in front of a disaster that was wiping out our history. A cathedral that had survived WWII unscathed !

So OK it may seem a bit far-fetched but yes, Macron would rate second in my mind as a potential suspect. Especially when we know there had been a scheme as soon as 2016 for the renewal of the island where Notre-Dame stands, when Macron was Minister of the Economy.

It all happened in 2015 when the then President Hollande commissioned a report on Ile de la Cité with its 22 hectares – a vast stretch of wasted land, according to Hollande – that apparently didn’t bring enough cash for it to be saved in its actual shape. A year later, the architect Dominique Perrault handed in his report with 35 propositions, including one that would turn Notre-Dame square into a fanciful huge glass cathedral cove from which you would see the crypt beneath. 1

The project would have raised hell, had it been commonly known and was abandoned.

But now, in view of the disaster, it has come up again. i

So who is Dominique Perrault ?

Well, none other than the one in charge of the 2024 Olympic Games Village in Paris ! If this isn’t a happy coincidence ! And what did Macron state by the way ? That «Notre-Dame would be rebuilt in 5 years . »

Five years ! The historic building has not been secured yet ; nobody has assessed its damage and no serious investigation has been conducted and here was Macron waving it all off. Five years are all that it would take to rebuild it… just in time for the 2024 Olympic Games ! A very happy coincidence, for Macron and the like. Perfect timing.

Security second. For a nine-hundred years old monument that was France’s most popular touristic site, it singularly lacked any form of security. As if the authorities had silently acknowledged the need for it to go down. Open for the taking, so to speak.

In 2016 when schemes for the Ile de la Cité’s renewal were being made, Ines Madani had already tried to bomb out Notre-Dame by igniting six gas cylinders she had placed in a Peugeot with the help of a shill. The bomb attack failed. Lack of experience and back-up help. Funnily enough, the story of Ines Madani never made it to the front news. It was hushed-up business, more or less, until a few days ago.

But security wasn’t reinforced for all that – or so it appears.

Notre-Dame was being renovated so there were scaffolds everywhere. And as you can see in the video below, young pranksters climbed up the scaffolds to spend the night on the roof of Notre-Dame. No questions asked. It was a prank but others might not have been so airily-inclined.

Secondly, the fire alarms. One resounded at 6.20 PM. For some unkown reasons, the fire alarm indicated a place where no fire was to be seen. Or rather the private security agency Elitys sent the staff to the wrong place. Bad luck. So nothing was done. At 6 : 43 PM, a second alarm was heard. This time, the security man could locate the fire and everybody was told to leave the building.

Strangely enough, it took another 12 minutes for someone to call the fire brigade. By then, the fire smoke was to be seen from the outside and Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, stated she could see the fire from her office window.

To sum up, it took 35 minutes after the start of the fire for anyone to consider the matter serious enough to call the firemen. Why the delay ? Nobody knows and nobody cares.

The testimony of Benjamin Mouton, former Architect in Chief of Notre-Dame Cathedral stated he could not understand how the fire could have spread so quickly without any fuel. He added there was no possibility of a short-circuit since all the electric system had been set up to standard.

A testimony that the satirical newspaper Le Canard Enchaîné refutes. According to them, there is nothing strange in it all. First, the Cathedral lacked security. Second, the priests had been foolish enough to weep for some bells to be installed while the belfry was being renovated and so they were, in a randomly and sloppy manner. 2

Thing is, the belfry was renovated in 2012, so 7 years ago. Does that mean those random sloppy-installed bells were still used ? If so, why ?

But le Canard Enchaîné’s investigation does not stop there. Seven cigarette butts were found on the premises, which prove that against all rules, the workers were smoking while at work.

The problem is, if cigarettes, all by themselves, can set fire to eight-hundred years old oak, then it would be a first. But more to the point, how could cigarette butts have been found in a fire that turned stones to lime ? If cigarette butts can survive any kind of fire, then maybe we should use them to protect our historic buildings ! They would be more efficient than our fire alarms, apparently.

Funnily enough, cameras existed inside the cathedral which could prove without a doubt how the fire started. Problem is…. Where is the footage ? Big question. If ever you know the answer to that one, don’t hesitate to let me know.

To conclude that lengthy post, the fire that nearly destroyed Notre-Dame might have been accidental. Since there has been no serious investigation, we will never know.

One thing is certain. Macron is far from being the Jupiterian god he thinks he is. In his calculations, he seems to have forgotten something. People’s lives are short but their memories stretch forever. And old sins have long shadows.

Even to this today, Emperor Nero has never been exonerated of having set Rome on fire in order to build his huge palace the Domus Aurea.

So does Macron think he will escape the judgement of the future ? I doubt the idea ever crossed his mind. As head of state, it was his duty to have an unbiased investigation made.

As head of state, he should not have appointed a general from the army as supervisor of the reconstruction. What does the army have to do with historic buildings ? Unless they are brought in to make sure the whole situation is under lock and key, that is.

Even Macron as head of state has no right to have Notre-Dame rebuilt in his own way by court orders !

So if I had my say, he would be found guilty.

Of slovenliness, arrogance and wilful abuse of power, if nothing more.

Laurence Esbuiée © 15 mai 2019


2Article from Le Canard Enchaîné, April 24, 2019